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    England Manager Fabio Capello: Football Must Come Home


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    England Manager Fabio Capello: Football Must Come Home

    Post by Quiver on Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:43 pm

    The English FA are hoping to host the World Cup in 2018 for the first time since 1966, the only year that the Three Lions have lifted aloft the trophy at the tournament's end.

    The 2010 World Cup will be contested in South Africa and the competition four years later will likely be held in a South American country, leaving the tournament in 2018 as England's earliest realistic hope of staging the illustrious showpiece.

    The English FA - along with ten other rival FAs who are also in the bidding - will have to send in official application forms by February 16. Football's World governing body FIFA will then assess the bids and make a decision by December 2010.

    England manager Fabio Capello has personally backed the bid, and told Sky Sports: "I think it's very important [that England host the World Cup].

    "Other countries are in competition, but England is a fantastic place for the World Cup, the stadia is okay and the people are fantastic.

    "The football needs to be back in England after a lot of years, and I hope this will be in 2018."

    He continued: "It is the place where football was born, so we need another time for the FIFA World Cup.

    "England needs it, football needs to be back home," the Italian tactician concluded.

    FA Chairman Lord Triesman has declared that the association intend to work hard in order to secure their World Cup bid, he added: "You must show you are able to stage such a competition and leave a legacy not only in England but across the World.

    "We are going to work hard at it, we are - by no means - the favourites. We have to show we can win it [the bid] on merit.

    "Very often it is the toughest competition that sharpens your game. I welcome this. It is a part of football."

    England 2018 World Cup bid Chief Executive Andy Anson continued: "It is clear the whole idea of legacy... it is very important.

    "We have plenty of things to think of. We feel we can put on an excellent World Cup.

    "I don't feel we can be favourites with 11 players in the field. We have to be focussed on putting forth the best bid that we possibly can."

    England are the favourites to host the prestigious international tournament with Australia, Spain and Portugal, and Russia all close favourites. Mexico, Holland and Belgium, and the USA are ranked outsiders.

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