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    Graphic request commander


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    Graphic request commander

    Post by Quiver on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:12 pm

    1) Remember to start with an explicit title, it should contain the general nature of your request for example : "Requesting banner for my forum"

    Neutral Note that requests with invalid or non-explicit titles will be locked or deleted. Also, if you put a title like "I want request NOW!" you request won't be done ; it will be locked.

    2) Second if you can't explain clearly what your end product must look like it is recommended you use the graphics commander available here :

    [color=darkred][b]Nature of the creation :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Creation size (in pixels) :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
    [color=darkred][b]With or without animation :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE (precise the kind of animation you want)
    [color=darkred][b]Background color :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Picture(s) link(s) :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Text to insert :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Link to the font to download :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Font color :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Extra comments :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE

    This graphics commander will give you something like that :

    Nature of the creation : Affiliate button
    Creation size (in pixels) : 88*31
    With or without animation : Without animation please
    Background color : Blue
    Picture(s) link(s) : Click here
    Text to insert : help.forumotion.com
    Link to the font to download : You can choose the font.
    Font color : White
    Extra comments : I don't have extra comments

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