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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic not worried about not scoring


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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic not worried about not scoring

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 08, 2010 10:10 pm

    Barcelona striker and summer signing Zlatan
    Ibrahimovic began his transition to La Liga with flying colours. But in
    2010, the towering Swede has still failed to find the back of the net.
    Nonetheless, 'Ibra' has divulged that he is not worried about his dry
    spell in comments reported by Sport.

    "It does not worry me and it has happened other times: in my first year at Ajax, upon arrving at Juventus,
    and later at Inter. Obviously, being a central striker for a team like
    Barcelona, it is important to score goals, but it is not everything."

    Ibra also spoke of coach Pep Guardiola,
    commenting that he feels well supported by the Barca boss, who has
    defended him not only for his goals, but for all his contributions to
    the team, including collective play and assists. "An assist is like a
    goal because it gives happiness to a team-mate. That is just as
    important to me as scoring. My bad streak does not worry me because I
    know the goals will eventually come. If one plays well, helps the team,
    and creates chances, one scores. Having said that, I am my own greatest
    critic and am never satisfied."

    With respect to his adaptation
    to Spain, Zlatan expressed his happiness with his new city and team.
    "My family has adapted very well and I am happy here. The team has won
    everything and I hope it continues as such. It is incredible. I only
    regret being eliminated from the Copa."

    Ibra also expressed his
    pleasure with Spanish football, believing it supercedes the football
    played in the Netherlands or in Italy. "Over there, a 1-0 scoreline was
    fine and the victory is all that matters. If I pay for a ticket, what I
    want to see is a spectacle. If you win 1-0 but you do not enjoy
    yourself, you go home dissastisfied. Here, people want to see modern
    and fun football. If I were in the stands at the Camp Nou, I would want
    the same."

    Finally, Ibrahimovic praised his team's play,
    believing that "in a few years everyone will want to play like us.
    Barca are a great team. We all know one another and we know what to do.
    We are all playing at the highest level."


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