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    Guti Will Leave Real Madrid In 2011 To Go Overseas

    Ali Swaidan
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    Guti Will Leave Real Madrid In 2011 To Go Overseas

    Post by Ali Swaidan on Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:21 pm

    Another Real Madrid era is about to draw to a close. After Raul revealed a few days ago that he is considering bringing his Los Blancos playing days to an end in 2011, another of the team’s loyal veteran, Guti, has followed suit by admitting he could leave the club at around the same time.
    The 32-year-old midfielder also unveiled his plans for the future, declaring that he would like to try his luck in another country before hanging up his boots for good.
    “I have already enjoyed many years at the club and I hope to enjoy the remaining three that I have left. My target is to continue playing at Madrid until 2011,” he said in an interview with La Sexta.
    “After that, I hope to be able to go to an exotic country like the USA, Qatar or Dubai and play there. It would be a great way to end my career.
    “And after that, I will try to take on the role of a coach. At some point, I would love to be on the bench in the dugout,” he added.
    The focus then shifted to more current and pressing matters, namely Operacion Remontada, or Operation Comeback: Now, Barcelona are seven points ahead of us, but I believe that when they see us approaching even closer, they will raise their game.
    “Before, they had a sufficient enough an advantage to be calm and relaxed, but now, they know that in each and every game, three vital points are at stake,” he affirmed.
    Guti also looked forward to the Champions League second leg clash with Liverpool at Anfield in just under two weeks’ time.
    “We have a team to overcome any setback and win at any ground. I believe that Madrid’s style of football is completely different from Liverpool’s but there was not a single moment [in the first leg] where they allowed us to play our own game,” he explained.
    Finally, the vice-captain spoke about the future of the club, including any possible signings: “It is necessary to only bring in players who can really make a difference to the team. Otherwise, we’re better off giving a chance to our own youth players.
    “As for the club presidency, I believe Florentino Perez should return. He has already demonstrated that he is a good president. He signed the best players in Europe and because of that, we won numerous domestic and continental titles,” he concluded.
    Guti, who just recently returned from a calf muscle injury, could make his first start for Madrid in a month when they take on Espanyol on Saturday night.

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