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    Marino Blasts Negative Atmosphere Around Napoli

    Ali Swaidan
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    Marino Blasts Negative Atmosphere Around Napoli

    Post by Ali Swaidan on Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:59 pm

    Napoli have managed to rack up just two points in the last seven games; gone are the dreams that were so prevalent earlier in the year, when the Azzurri sat in a Champions League qualifying position for 12 glorious weeks.

    NapoliSoccer.net reports that sporting director, Pierpaolo Marino has tried to calm the crisis ahead of the Partenopei’s game against Juventus on Saturday night.

    “The atmosphere feels like that of a team that is going to be relegated, and that has to stop,” he began. “We have five more points than we did at this stage last year, and I am sure we will put everything we have into the game against Juve.”

    Napoli president, Aurelio De Laurentiis is said to be unhappy with the teams current slump, and Marino is still waiting on word of a contract renewal.

    It seems the De Laurentiis-Marino administration, which brought the southern side back into Serie A, has hit a wall.

    Reports state that De Laurentiis is not pleased with his collaborator, mainly because of the lack of success in transfer deals, and the poor performances of some of the players Marino has brought in.

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