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    Christian Panucci To Apologise To Roma Coach Spalletti - Reports

    Ali Swaidan
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    Christian Panucci To Apologise To Roma Coach Spalletti - Reports

    Post by Ali Swaidan on Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:54 pm

    As anyone who has ever been involved in a lovers' spat will tell you, one of the hardest things to do is to step forward, admit you were wrong and apologise, but that is just what seems to be happening between Roma and Christian Panucci.

    His falling out with the side, and with his manager Luciano Spalletti in particular, has been closely followed by the press, with reports recently stating that the defender would not stay at Roma if things could not be fixed.

    According to Il Corriere dello Sport however, the 35-year-old has decided to do the fixing himself, by calling a press conference and getting the mess cleaned up once and for all.

    The former Italian international already made a formal apology to fans for his attitude, but that was not enough to get him back into the Giallorossi team, despite a succession of injuries to other defenders.

    The ‘kiss and make up’ session is said to be planned for sometime this afternoon.

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