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    AC Milan Info+History


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    AC Milan Info+History

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:04 pm

    Courtesy of Madridista_Galactico



    Stadium name: San Siro
    Capacity : 85,700
    Pitch size : 105x68m
    Year built : 1926

    Venue for European Cup Finals 1965, 1970, 2001

    Club Name: Milan Associazione Calcio s.p.a.
    Year of Foundation: 1899
    Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro)
    Inauguration: 19 September 1926
    First Match: AC Milan vs Inter 3-6
    Renovations: 1939, 1955, 1957, 1969, 1990

    Team Dressing Rooms: 4
    Referee Dressing Rooms: 3
    Team Preparation Rooms: 1 (divisible)
    Infirmaries & First Aid Locales: 11
    Bars: 4
    Underground Car Park: 77 car spaces, 3 bus spaces
    Disabled Car Parks: 172 car spaces

    The San Siro Stadium History

    San Siro Stadium has been inaugurated on the 19th of September 1926. It
    is one of the most well known stadiums in the world. On this stadium AC
    Milan and Inter are playing their home matches. The stadium is a gift
    for AC Milan from Piero Pirelli and it took about a year to finish. It
    first had four stands with a total capacity of 10.000 seats. In 1939
    the San Siro Stadium was rebuilt and the capacity raised to 55.000.

    in its history, the ramps were rebuilt and the stadium could seat a
    total of 150.000 spectators. But, for security reasons, Milano's
    council decided to forbid an attendance higher than 100.000.

    to the World Cup in 1990 who took place in Italy, the San Siro Stadium
    was again restructured in 1989. This restructuring consisted in a
    fibreglass roof and eleven stairs towers. The capacity changed to
    85.000 as we know it today.
    The stadium is specially designed for football. The pitch size is 105x68 metres

    In their rich history they have won :

    Champions League : 1963_1969_1989_1990_1994_2003

    Club Championship : 1969_1989_1990

    Cup Winners Cup : 1968_1973

    Super Cup : 1989_1990_1994

    Italian Cup : 1967_1972_1973_1977_2003

    Italian Super Cup : 1989_1992_1993_1994

    Serie A: 1901_1906_1907_1951_1955_1957_1959_1962_1968_1979_1988_1992

    COPPA LATINA: 1951_1956

    AC Milan Important Facts

    Most Points in a Season: 82 (2003/04)
    Lowest Points in a Season: 27 (1981/82)
    Biggest Home Win: 9-0 vs Palermo (1950/51)
    Biggest Home Defeat: 1-6 vs Juventus (1935/36)
    Most Wins in a Season: 27 (1949/50)
    Least Wins in a Season: 5 (1976/77)
    Most Defeats in a Season: 15 (1930/31)
    Least Defeats in a Season: 0 (1991/92)
    Most Goals in a Season: 118 (1949/50)
    Least Goals in a Season: 21 (1981/82)
    Most Goals Conceded in a Season: 62 (1932/33)
    Least Goals Conceded in a Season: 12 (1968/69)
    Goalkeeper Record: 929 minutes, Sebastanio Rossi (1993/94)
    Most Games: Paolo Maldini (506>>)
    Most Goals: Gunnar Nordahl (212)
    Team Colors: Red and Black stripped shirt. White shorts and socks

    The Story

    most of you know, AC Milan is one of the best clubs in football history
    and its history is one of the most interesting of all. This history
    contains two ups and downs, one between the two World Wars and one in
    the late 70's and early 80's.

    The first two decades in AC
    Milan's history were very good. They won the first title in 1901
    against Genoa, one of the leading teams of the championship at that
    time (the championship was composed of regional leagues and the winner
    of each league were invited to take place in a playoff, the winners
    being declared Italian Champions). Two consecutive titles came in 1906
    and 1907, the victims being Juve in 1906 and Torino along with Andrea
    Doria (this team merged later with another team from Genoa to form
    Sampdoria Genoa) in 1907. An important negative event took place in
    1908, when a part of malcontents from the club formed a club named
    Internazionale Milano. The first match against Inter has been played on
    the 18th of October 1908, Milan winning 2-1. Then, the championship was
    interrupted during the first World War, when a Federal Cup was played,
    Milan winning it.

    In the period between the two World Wars no
    important events took place, except the forming of Girone Unico (the
    today's Serie A) in 1929. The best performances in those years were two
    3rd places. It is considered one of the two black periods of AC Milan.

    next period in the club history involves three Swedish players (Gunnar
    Gren, Gunnar Nordahl and Nils Lledholm), forming the GreNoLi trio. The
    Italian clubs were allowed in that period to sign maximum five foreign
    players. Nordahl became the best scorer who played for AC Milan ever,
    scoring and outstanding 210 goals in 257 matches, an average of 0.81
    goals per match. The others two were playing as midfielders. With this
    trio, AC Milan won their next four Scudetto's.

    At the end of
    the 50's three great players joined AC Milan. One of them is Gianni
    Rivera brought with a high sum of money, 200.000 $, a record at that
    time, from Alessandria. The other two are the Brazilian striker Jose
    Altafini and the Uruguayan midfielder Schiaffino.

    One of the
    greatest periods in Milan's history begun in early 60's with the
    purchase of Gianni Rivera. Rivera would bright in the 1963 edition of
    the Champions Cup played against Benfica Lisabona, when he made a great
    match that Milan won 2-1 with two goals of the Brazilian Jose Altafini.
    In 1968 AC Milan won the Scudetto and the Cup Winners Cup. Next year AC
    Milan won their second Champions Cup in history, simply smashing the
    Dutch side of Ajax Amsterdam, with a great 4-1 win. This is also the
    year when Gianni Rivera won the European Footballer of the Year award.
    Until the mid 70's AC Milan became the most succesful Italian team,
    winning a Cup Winners Cup, being finalists in another Cup Winners Cup
    and winning three Italian Cups. The bad things were that Milan did not
    won the title and that Rivera's career came to the end. This was the
    beginning of the darkest period in the club's history.

    We are
    talking now about the darkest period in AC Milan history, although
    there were some bright moments, a Italian Cup win in 1977 and a
    Scudetto in 1979. This is the best part of the worst part. In the
    latest part of the 1980 season a scandal about betting rised to the
    surface. There were involved in this two players from Milan and the
    president Felice Colombo. Due to their involvement, the club has been
    relegated for the only time in history in Serie B. Also one of the best
    parts of this period was the discovery of the sweeper Franco Baresi.
    The adventure took only one year and AC Milan were back in Serie A.
    They relegated once again, for the last time, and in the second year in
    Serie B, more succesful than the first one, Milan finished first and
    promoted in Serie A. This dark period was over when the media
    billionaire, Silvio Berlusconi, bought the team.

    The new
    president brought some new people in the club. Through them were
    Roberto Donadoni, the young Paolo Maldini and the three Dutchmen (Marco
    van Basten, Frank Rijkaard and Ruud Gullit). The new coach was the
    great midfielder of the 50's, Nils Liedholm. Liedholm's coaching career
    was not going so good and it was replaced by Ariggo Sacchi. With him at
    the helm Milan had won the title in 1987. A new era started. Although
    that was Sacchi's only Scudetto, he won on European and International
    stage two Champions Cup, two Europeans Super Cups and two
    Intercontinental Cups. The coach had a conflict with the Dutch
    superstar Marco van Basten and the 1992 year brought a new coach in AC
    Milan, Fabio Capello. He won four Serie A titles in five years with a
    fantastic 1992 season when Milan hadn't lost any of the matches played
    in the league. In the Champions League they played the final in 1993,
    losing against Olimpique Marseille with 1-0. The next year they won the
    Champions League final with a great 4-0 win against FC Barcelona. The
    man of the match was one of the most gifted players ever, the
    Yugoslavian Dejan Savicevic. After those great times Capello went to
    coach Real Madrid and a series of coaches came: Oscar Washington
    Tabarez, Sacchi (2nd time), Capello (2nd time) , Zaccheroni (Zac) and
    Fatih Terim. Zac won the 1999 title with AC Milan with a great run in
    the last 10 matches, reaching Lazio from behind and taking the lead.

    the 2000 season, Milan finished 3rd, after Lazio and Juventus. AC Milan
    Ukrainian striker Andriy Shevchenko finished as Serie A top scorer with
    26 goals.

    Season 2001 was very poor for Milan. Only the 6th
    position in the league, and this was mainly because of the chain of
    injuries that destroyed the team. Due to this injuries chain Zac was
    sacked by Berlusconi in spring and Cesare Maldini along with Tassotti
    took over until the summer. The greatest achievement of all in this
    season was the 6-0 victory over city rivals Internazionale in the

    In summer AC Milan made an outstanding transfers
    campaign, bringing Contra, Javi Moreno, Pirlo, Rui Costa, Pippo
    Inzaghi, Donati, Brocchi and Laursen to the San Siro.

    With a new coach and great players Milan is hoping for the glory days to return.

    Number of posts : 316
    Age : 26
    Location : LB
    Registration date : 2009-01-02

    Re: AC Milan Info+History

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:05 pm

    The Founders

    AC Milan football club was estabilished on the 16th of December 1899,
    its parents being three Englishman, Kilpin, Allison and Davies. They
    came to the idea when they were at a pint of beer, and they proposed it
    to two bussinesmen, Edwards and Nathan, and to another person, Mr.
    Barnett. Edwards was to become the first club president ever of the new
    Milan Cricket and Football Club.

    The club aimed to play
    cricket as much as they could and to promote the game of football, not
    so popular in those times. In the first board of directors was also
    Pierro Pirelli, one of the future presidents of the club and also one
    of its most important historical figures. The establishment of the club
    spread into the city and Milan started to gain more and more

    The new club registered with the IFF (Italian
    Football Federation) and, to take part in the championship, they needed
    a pitch for the home matches. The site was found: the place of today's
    central station, Trotter. There was an open countryside field at that
    time there.

    The opening match was played against another team
    from Milan named Mediolanum. The game was played on the 11th of March
    1900 and Milan started its history with a great 3-0 win. The first team
    who played for AC Milan was: Hoode, Cignaghi, Torretta, Lees, Kilpin,
    Valerio, Dubini, Davies, Neville, Allison, Formenti. You can see here
    that three of them were the club establishers , Kilpin, Allison and
    Davies. Although the 3-0 win was a good score for their morale, the
    Devils first official match, who was played on 15 April 1900 against FC
    Torino, was lost with 3-0.

    The first captain in AC Milan's
    history was Herbert Kilpin, one of the founders and through the club's
    best players. In the early Milan days you needed to be a member of the
    club. The fees were 20 lira and 12 lira for the students. The
    punishment for the players who had forgotten to pay was the
    interdiction to train. The first title for AC Milan was won in their
    second year of activity, 1901.

    The Jersey

    history of the red-black stripes shirts is one of the less known by the
    fans. The man responsible for the look of the AC Milan shirt was
    Herbert Kilpin, one of the Englishman who established AC Milan. Kilpin
    inspired himself from the English sides shirts, who most of them had at
    that time a shirt with stripes and a badge with a cross on a
    background. That's why the Milan badge represents a red cross on a
    white background.

    The twenty years fascist rule imposed Milan
    to wear a white shirt with two vertical stripes, one black and one red,
    running down in the center of it. In 1942 the club changed the shirt
    again, now numbering five vertical red and black stripes.

    Kilpin' s original shirt reappeared in two occasions. In 1962 when it was worn with a black collar and in 1978 with a v-neck.

    1981 Milan was the first team who printed their player names on the
    back of the shirts. In the same season the club introduced on the shirt
    a devil image on the right breast. Later on was first introduced a
    sponsor name on the shirt.

    The goalkeeper shirt was usually
    black, to intimidate the "enemies", but in 1999 a yellow shirt was worn
    to remember about the winning of the tenth title.

    In the
    centenarial year, 1999, the shirt of Kilpin was re-introduced, with the
    star on the chest (one star is awarded when the team wins its tenth
    title and so on) and on each part that covers the arms they stitched a
    centenarial badge. This shirt was availble only for only one year
    (16/12/1999 - 16/12/2000

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